Corporate Social Responsibility: What it is and how it impacts our lives

Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR in Action

Learn about the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Each book chapter is an interview by a contributor to the book, providing insights, templates, models, and resources. Examples of corporate responsibility are provided as actionable steps or perspectives on how organizations can actively engage in eco initiatives, employee giving, volunteering, and savvy sustainable business practices.
Business ethics perspectives are represented by Kirk Hanson, James O’Toole, David Batstone, and Dinesh Chandra. CSR related organizations are highlighted like the BSR, Kiva, iReuse, Act Now, and Entrepreneurs Foundation.  The result is a quick guidebook for global citizens that are interested in creating socially responsible programs but have little or no idea where to begin within their own companies or want to enhance their current programs.
The concept of CSR is not new, just of greater interest now that media scrutiny, shareholder concerns, and public opinions have heightened the value placed on socially and environmentally beneficial business practices.  The benefits of such practices are greater when initiatives are well integrated with business strategy and, as a result, companies “do well while doing good.”

What is CSR In Action?

Alternative Change Management and Leadership Development Programs Including:

Customized consulting services and personalized curriculum development
Evaluation of CSR initiatives
Development of sustainable business case strategies
Tools for influencing key corporate decision makers
Modeling and implementation support
How to create social responsibility in your community, company, and personal life
How to “be the change agent”
Instruction and education to sustain the changes and realize maximum impact

Blending Social and Bottom Line Value

CSR In Action is focused on elevating corporate performance through developing a socially conscious corporate culture.  We work with you on strategies and implementation of a corporate social responsibility plan that is designed to deliver a high return on investment.

We harness our insight into your business by providing sustainable leadership practices and hands-on experience that will help increase growth, efficiency, and global leadership.  This enables you to make a difference in society and the environment.

Just Released Book!

Awakening Social Responsibility: A Call To Action

- by Rossella Derickson, Krista Henley, with Contributing Authors Almaz Negash, Cindy Campbell, & Heather Connors

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HR's Leadership Role from the Society of Human Resources (SHRM)









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