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Five Women Speak on Awakening Social Responsibility

Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley, M.A., LMFT, with contributing authors Heather Connors, Cindy Campbell and Almaz Negash recently released, Awakening Social Responsibility, A Call to Action


Krista Henley & Rossella Derickson are principals of They provide consulting, leadership training, and coaching services to corporations and leading universities to transform the workplace culture through customized “wisdom” modules. They are also the Directors of the South Bay Organizational Development Network,, a leading edge forum focused on making a difference in how organizations are run in Silicon Valley.



Heather Connors and Cindy Campbell have combined experience of over 20 years in Organization Development and Human Resources in high tech and medical devices industries. Heather and Cindy bring passion and purpose to our work in social responsibility. Cindy and Heather are CoFounders of Human Connexus Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides customized and individualized giving opportunities by enabling direct connections between donor and recipient.



Almaz Negash, MBA is founder and principal of Entwine Global. Currently, she is the Managing Director of Women's Initiative, a micro enterprise dedicated to helping low income women gain economic self-sufficiency. Negash as Center Fellow at Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics where she spearheads the Ethics of Immigration and Migration project. Negash was the Director of the Markkula Center's Global Leadership and Ethics Program and she worked as a Corporate Social Responsibility researcher for a Senior Fellow at the Hewlett Foundation.



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Awakening Social Responsibility: A Call To Action

by Rossella Derickson, Krista Henley, with Contributing Authors Almaz Negash, Cindy Campbell, & Heather Connors

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