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Awakening Social Responsibility: A Call To Action

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Awakening Social Responsibility:  A Call to Action Guidebook is a must read for creating socially responsible organizations:

The guidebook includes interviews with industry leaders and CSR experts to help you understand the business case for transforming your organization.  It also illustrates issues that may pose challenges for implementation.  A compilation of resources, including non-profit organizations and other socially responsible businesses, create options for you and your company to utilize. 

The book has six sections: Each section gives the reader flexibility to choose what is most important to get a CSR program started, or to enhance an existing program. The chapters are short and easy to read. 

Perspectives on CSR. Experts present their observations on CSR, the dos and the don’ts.

Implementing CSR. Elements of a CSR program are described:  leadership, clarity of purpose, ethical concerns, procedural steps, strategic integration.

Corporate CSR Initiatives. Inside views of several corporate CSR programs are illustrated such as the GAP, Adobe, Cisco, Symantec, and Sun.

Opportunities to Practice CSR. In this section we profile a diverse array of organizations that incorporate or facilitate CSR. Organizations include Entrepreneurs Foundation, Dalai Lama Foundation,, iReuse, and many more.

The Human Resources Leadership Role in CSR. The HR professional can gain clarity of purpose in the new and evolving CSR role which is addressed in this section.

Resources. Organizations and periodicals, all readily accessible on the Internet, are listed.

The 5 Reasons to Buy the Book: 

"Awakening Corporate Responsibility:  A Call to Action" will:

  • Help you and your organization to assess current and future business strategies related to CSR.
  • Generate ideas and options to develop a plan to engage your workforce in social responsibility.
  • Supply resources for individual, team and social missions in CSR.
  • Allow you to compare and contrast what has been done in CSR in different industries.
  • Educate you as a corporate citizen to the impact our companies have on the world and how we can make the sum of the impact positive rather than negative.


Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley, M.A., LMFT, principles of, have translated their business and organizational psychology experience into Wisdom in the Workplace, consulting, training and coaching modules that support healthy group and company dynamics. Their classes to build business and leadership skills have been taught to CEO's, executives, and entrepreneurs in High Tech, Biotech, Insurance, and many other industries including leading universities. Connecting CSR to individual and team purpose at work is a new and passionate focus area.  They are the Directors of the South Bay Organizational Development Network,, a leading edge forum focused on making a difference in how organizations are run in Silicon Valley.

Contributing Authors:

Cindy Campbell and Heather Connors have combined experience of over 20 years in Organization Development and Human Resources. They partnered in January, 2007, as Co-founders to create the Human Connexus Foundation. Human Connexus is designed to be a customized donation service that provides charitable assistance from a personal donor directly to an individual identified to have qualifying needs. Cindy and Heather believe that by creating a one-on-one philanthropic connection, their approach will establish sustainable results and encourage future giving.

Almaz Negash, MBA, Managing Partner, Entwine Global, is Center Fellow at Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics where she spearheads the Ethics of Immigration and Migration project. Negash served formerly as the director of the Markkula Center’s Global Leadership and Ethics Program. Prior to joining the Markkula Center, she was the Director of the Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development and the California Mexico Trade Assistance Center Program. In addition, she worked as a Corporate Social Responsibility


Just Released!


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