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Awakening Social Action: Implementing Teambuilding Programs for Good

Getting started with social action can be as simple as convening a project team with a new agenda. You will be guided to consider a program that fits the time, energy, and culture of your company. This program will give your team a purpose based set of activities that builds the teams skills while giving back to the community or to a non profit in a meaningful way. This talk will inspire to think very differently about what it means to have "an offsite."

Green Innovation: Redefining Your Business Strategy
The time has come when all good corporate citizens must ask themselves - how can I help? What is
my role in creating a better society? If you are tech savvy, you are called to play a very big role
in the movement to go green. This talk will ask you to think out of the box about your company's
product or service. What new strategy is possible that might evolve your current business to a greener
and more sustainable state? We will explore possibilities in this awakening talk.

The "Awakened" Leader: Creating Purpose and Passion at Work
Leaders that see into the future realize the need to create corporate cultures that attract and retain
talent. Studies show that employees are more engaged when their leaders create purpose driven
initiatives that connect the product or service to the greater good of society. This translates to a
competitive advantage that inspires the workforce and drives solutions to global problems. This talk
will shape your thinking about how to be an "awakened and socially responsible" leader.




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February 20
The "Awakened" Leader
BAHREC (HR Only) at Nokia in Palo Alto

March 13
The "Awakened Leader", ACG, Los Altos Hills Country Club

April 9
The "Awakened" Leader, TIE, Santa Clara – Members Only

April 22
Global Innovation Dialogue and Book Signing, Santa Clara University, SCU Campus

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