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CSR In Action Consulting Services

CSR In Action is focused on elevating corporate performance through developing a socially conscious corporate culture.  We work with you on strategies and implementation of a corporate social responsibility plan that is designed to deliver a high return on investment.

We harness our insight into your business by providing sustainable leadership practices and hands-on experience that will help increase growth, efficiency, and global leadership.  This enables you to make a difference in society and the environment.

What is CSR In Action
Alternative Change Management and Leadership Development Programs Including:

  • Customized consulting services and personalized curriculum development
  • Evaluation of CSR initiatives
  • Development of sustainable business case strategies
  • Tools for influencing key corporate decision makers
  • Modeling and implementation support
  • How to create social responsibility in your community, company, and personal life
  • How to “be the change agent”
  • Instruction and education to sustain the changes and realize maximum impact
  • CW partners with clients for sustainable transformation
  • Provide professional expertise and resources

Create change at any level and realize impact at all levels!

CSR In Action Consulting Services can include change initiatives championed by both an executive sponsor and our consulting partner(s). We support project plans and milestone deliverables for these initiatives that benefit the organization and society.

CSR Consulting Benefits:
  • Drive financial performance through your organization with innovative idea generation and implementation.
  • Ignite individual and organizational passion, towards unparalleled levels of service and contribution.
  • Create meaning and purpose at work by looking beyond your product or service to the greater good of society.
  • Attract and retain key talent by tapping the positive energy that flows when the corporate culture is unified toward a common goal.

CSR Consulting Components - Options

Sustainable Business Purpose and Strategy – How Can Your Business Blend Social and Organizational Value? How Does Your Product or Service Connect to the Greater Good of Society?

  • Establish the business case so that CSR initiatives and economic prosperity can go hand in hand.
  • Find the protection/prosperity intersection in your company.
  • Develop financial projections to make the business case.
  • Align your investors and employees so that they know what the company stands for and what it does to contribute to the greater good – on either a global or local scale.
  • Engage your customers so that they feel good about buying your products and/or services.
  • Distinguish your brand from the competition in a memorable and positive manner with an overall image that defines your company’s philosophies and values.
  • Determine executive sponsors and their roles.

Noble Purpose at Work – Identify Your Unique Contribution as an Individual and Leader. How Can You Apply Your Noble Purpose at Work?

  • Define your personal purpose and passion at work.

Organizational Values – What values are held by employees that define themselves as global citizens?

  • Learn what it means to be a corporate / global citizen. Explore a corporation’s responsibilities to the bottom line and to the environment, people, and society as a whole.
  • Clarify the organization’s purpose with CSR including ethical concerns, strategic alignment and integration with business goals.

Social Responsibility Assessment – What Does Your Organization Want to Champion in Society?

  • Benchmark what has been done in CSR in different industries.
  • Assess your organization’s current and future strategies related to CSR.
  • Identify any barriers to implementation.

Corporate Philanthropy Option – How can your organization give back to the community?
Find team and corporate wide alignment to give locally and globally to specific causes.

  • Implementation Plan – How Will Your Organization Implement a Sustainable Business Plan of Action and/or Corporate Philanthropy?
  • Design a project implementation plan that engages your workforce.
  • Facilitate project plan and milestone update meetings.
  • Deliver project results to internal committee within 6 months.

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